3-rd Conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2015 (FDIS2015)
12-17 July 2015 in Będlewo (Poland)

   Excursion: Poznań - Old Market Square - Cathedral

On Wednesday afternoon we are organising an excursion to Poznan.

  Departure 13:30

  • Presentation of the scale model of the former Poznań showing the city as it is seen in drawing of Braun-Hogenberg from 1618, or the scale  model for city from the timesof the first Polish kings i.e. XI century (the reign of Boleslaw the Brave and his son Mieszko II). Both are 27 minutes light and sound shows with unique laser special effects  and commentary in English. 

Sightseeing during the bus drive through the center of Poznań:

   19:00 - return to Będlewo

The cost depends on the number of people participating in the excursion, it  is about 50 PLN assuming 50 persons, or 70 PLN (30 persons). 
Please, inform us during registration if you wish to participate at the excursion. 

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