3-rd Conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2015 (FDIS2015)
12-17 July 2015 in Będlewo (Poland)

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  Complete verions of conference programme and abstracts has been appended!


Dear Colleagues,

the transportation from Poznan (Lawica Airport and main railway station Poznan Glowny) to Będlewo on Sunday, July 12 will be organized in the following way.

  The first bus. From Lawica Airport we take participants about 16.45 and from main railway station Poznan Glowny at 17.30.
All participants who arrived on Saturday or earlier are expected to be taken by this bus, the second one will be smaller. We expected to meet them in main railway station Poznan Glowny.

  The second bus. From Lawica Airport we take participants about 21.15 and from main railway station Poznan Glowny at 21.45. If the bus will be late, please be patient and wait.

  In Lawica airport bus driver will take you from place in the arrival hall. He will have blue-black poster of our conference, see here

   In the railway station Poznań Glowny bus cannot stay near main building but it will be wait for you on the side of the street near historical building called Dworzec Letni, see here, and hereBehind the windscreen of the bus you will see  the conference poster

  In the attached tables we listed persons which we plan to take (according to collected by us information) and times of planned buses departures.
We do not have information from several participants. They do not appear in the list. Though of course they may use one of the buses, we cordially ask them to send us the arrival/departure info.

  For several participants we were able only estimate their time of arrival to Poznań and we marked it in red. We ask to correct these data if necessary by sending us a short note.
If you will not be able to take one of the buses, then the simplest solution is to order a conference taxi. Bedlewo center has an agreement with one taxi corporation; the rate is fixed 110 PLN for Poznan-Bedlewo transport for up to 5 persons. If you plan to take this taxi please send us your request and we order it for you. In airport Lawica taxi driver will wait for you in the Arrival hall near Kantor (currency exchange) office and in Poznan Glowny railway station in the main hall near ticket office number one (Kasa 1). We recommend to use this solution to Sergei Sokolov and  it also can be convenient to  Michael Gekhtman, Joseph Palmer and Galliano Valent that arrive about 10 AM. We do not cover costs of taxis.
Alternatively, one can take train from Poznan Glowny to Mosina or Steszew that are about 9 km from Bedlewo. However we do not recommend this solution because there is no buses from Mosina or Steszew to Bedlewo on weekends and is necessary to take taxi. There is more information on the homepage of the Bedlewo center.

  As we mentioned there is no conference fee. But we plan bonfire dinner on Wednesday and we estimated costs 65 PLN per person that should be paid during registration.

  On Wednesday afternoon we are organising an excursion to Poznan. The cost depends on the number of people participating in the excursion, it  is about 50 PLN assuming 50 persons, or 70 PLN (30 persons). Please, inform us during registration if you wish to participate at the excursion. More information about excursion  will be posted soon on the conference web page.

  Concerning the equipment in the lecture room to your disposal are: four blackboards, computer video projector and overhead projector.

  Concerning the poster presentation, we expect that  the posters are of size  A0,  and the orientation is ``portrait’’.  If necessary, you of course get more place. Though formally the poster session is at Tuesday evening,  posters may be displayed during the whole conference and  the poster session is the time when the presenter  should be near the poster to answer the questions.

  Participants of FDIS2015 are  warmly invited to submit articles to  Special issue of Journal of Geometry and Physics
Topic: Finite dimensional integrable systems 2: on the crossroad of algebra, geometry and physics. For more information  see here.

  In the case of changes in travel plans or other problems please phone us.
Our mobile phones: +48 797 384 293 (Maria Przybylska) and 
+48 784 591 918 (Andrzej Maciejewski) . In Poznań together with bus driver will be one of us.

With best regards, have a safe trip and looking forward to seeing your soon,

The Organizing Committee

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